CJ + Suzanne : NY lifestyle portraits09.06.2013

It’s quickly starting to feel like fall is upon us, so I wanted to show these images as one last ode to summer!  It never fails to amaze me that you can drive 45 min from NYC + feel a world away at one of these gorgeous east coast beaches…  CJ + Suzanne have a little dream of one day quitting their jobs, + moving to a tropical place… because life’s too short not to take big adventurous jumps like that…  so it felt particularly appropriate to shoot on the beach… where they mostly hung out, riding bikes in the early days of their relationship.  We also took a few shots on the streets they used to live on before they knew each other… Just a few blocks apart.  Can’t wait to keep telling their story come their wedding in April!

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2 Responses to CJ + Suzanne : NY lifestyle portraits

  1. Ricky Martin says:

    Amazing and fantastic.

  2. Psalm says:

    These are fabulous!

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