nautical summer camp montauk wedding – brooklyn wedding photographer06.02.2014

when i was editing these photos + pulling them together for a post, all that kept occurring to me was : joy.  there was so much joy in this day.  i also really loved how involved conor’s kids were in the wedding…  his son walked cristin down the alter + all four of them walked back up it when the ceremony was over.  i also can’t recommend their band enough….  it was the perfect musical backdrop for a summery outdoor laid back wedding…

campwedding003 campwedding004 campwedding005 campwedding006 campwedding007 campwedding008 campwedding009 campwedding010 campwedding011 campwedding012 campwedding013 campwedding014 campwedding015 campwedding016 campwedding017 campwedding018 campwedding019 campwedding020 campwedding021 campwedding022 campwedding023 campwedding024 campwedding025 campwedding026 campwedding027
campwedding029 campwedding030 campwedding031 campwedding032 C+C_finals357campwedding033 campwedding034 campwedding035 campwedding036 campwedding037 campwedding038 campwedding039 campwedding040 campwedding041 campwedding042 campwedding043 campwedding044 campwedding045 campwedding046 campwedding047 campwedding048 campwedding049 campwedding050 campwedding051 campwedding052 campwedding053 campwedding054 campwedding055 campwedding056 campwedding057 campwedding058 campwedding059 campwedding060 campwedding061 campwedding062

venue : ruschmeyer’s

bride’s dress : delphine manivet

groom’s suit : jcrew

flowers : flowers by beth

band : the brain cloud




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