nick + rochelle came all the way from rainy london to get married + got drenched on their wedding day…06.12.2012

before living in NYC, i lived in seattle for 8 years… i never owned an umbrella in seattle… while it does rain often there, it’s just more of a drizzle.  my first month in nyc, i think rained more than my entire 8 years in the pnw… + i remember being just shocked at the way it could rain here.  torrential downpour barely comes close to a description.  i had to buy an umbrella that first month, + have used it far more in my short time in ny, than in my 8 year tenure in seattle.  anyways, i diverge.  nick + rochelle flew all the way from london with 15 of their family members to have a small ceremony in central park.  just as they said their ‘i do’s’ the heavens opened + flooded us with a rain shower like no other.  now, in the moment of such chaos, you’re running around + trying to stay dry, + keep my camera out of the wet + take a few photos in the meantime…  it’s such a flurry of activity that often, it’s not till i sit down to edit, that i can re-live a little slower all that was happening.  + the thing that really struck me about nick + rochelle is how happy they are in the photographs.  they’re simply beaming in every single photograph.  despite the fact that their central park ceremony was nearly ruined… + they got completely soaked in their new wedding clothes… they are still so so so happy.  i don’t often post my shorter wedding ceremonies here… but this one just needed to be shown.  so new york.  so rainy. + so completely wonderful.  rain never has to ruin a good wedding day.  xo, brooke

p.s.  i was thrilled to work with the Reverend Annie again for this ceremony… she’s one of my fave!  Check her out if you need an amazing  + authentic officiant!



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3 Responses to nick + rochelle came all the way from rainy london to get married + got drenched on their wedding day…

  1. twiggs says:

    oh you were so right, they look extremely happy even in the rain! and that is quite ironic because they flew from london where it rains so much, to new york to catch more rain! well there you go, it’s a blessed wedding for sure! beautiful images as always!!!

  2. RevAnnieNYC says:

    Beautiful photos of a great couple! The rain did not dampen our spirits :) A joy to celebrate this wedding with you Brooke! @RevAnnieNYC

  3. miya says:

    so, so beautiful. the way you describe the chaos in the beginning–these shots are so action-filled, but don’t feel chaotic. what a beautiful set. xo

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